Have you ever looked at your Goldendoodle and wondered what he was thinking? Of course you have, and it’s totally understandable. Just as in any human relationship, communication is a basic foundation for your relationship with your pet.

However, just because your Goldendoodle doesn’t speak in human language doesn’t mean they aren’t telling you stuff all the time. Dogs have their own language, and if you pay close attention you may begin to realize just how much you’ve been missing.  The following post shows just one example of how your dog may be attempting to communicate with you:

Why Does My Dog… Walk Between My Legs?

You may have met a dog with this endearing tendency: He tries to walk between your legs — even if you’re not ready or he can’t quite fit.

So, what is it he’s trying to do?

We asked Dr. Wailini Sung, a veterinary behaviorist, for the answer to the question.



Body language is one of the primary ways that your Goldendoodle will communicate with you. It’s worth noting that every dog will develop its own set of cues to communicate certain messages to its owner. As such, it may take some getting used to before you can completely crack your dog’s body language. The following post discusses some of the more common cues observed in dogs:

7 Ways Your Dog Talks To You Through Body Language

We all wish our dogs could talk to us – it would make life so much easier! But, did you know your dog does try to speak to you? While it might not be in your language, your dog most definitely communicates with you. The following are a few of the main ways your dog talks to you about things that are important. Teaching your kids your dog’s language can also help to prevent bites from happening.


An aggressive dog is a dangerous dog for people, fellow canines and other animals. It’s definitely one of the behaviors dog owners try to avoid at all costs. Usually this is quite easy — Goldendoodles are naturally good-natured and aggression is an uncommon trait in the breed. In fact, aggression is the last resort for most properly socialized dogs. If you’re paying attention you’re going to notice the warning signs that precede the unwanted behavior. This way, you can deal with the situation before it escalates. The following post discusses these warning signs:

How To Predict Dog Aggression And Prevent Dog Bites

Dog Bites And Attacks Are Completely Predictable!

If someone says that a dog bit or attacked with no warning signs, well that simply isn’t true.

Dog bites and attacks are actually very very predictable, and very very avoidable when you know what to look for.

When something is happening to our dog or around our dog that is making them uncomfortable, they will give off warning signs. Read full post at Bright Dog…

Interestingly, dogs have a much better sense of human body language than humans have of dog language. So while it can seem difficult to know what your Goldendoodle is thinking, she may not have the same problem reading your body and emotions. It may be that a little more attention on your part is all that’s needed to get you and your pet on the same wavelength. You can be sure your doodlebug will thank you for it. Article from Fur Babies Pet Resort