Your vet is an important partner in your dog’s health, which is why you do not want your dog to associate visits to the vet with negative feelings or experiences. Even so, getting your dog accustomed to vet visits can be challenging. In addition to your pet being unfamiliar with the doggie daycare, he or she is also likely to be exposed to sick or injured dogs who are in distress, which raises the anxiety level of your dog.  At

That doesn’t mean your Goldendoodle can never enjoy his or her visits to the vet. Preparing ahead of time instead of waiting for a visit when your dog requires prompt medical care will go a long way toward reducing the negative associations your pet may develop. The following post shares some important tips on how to keep your dog calm when visiting the vet:

8 Simple Tips For Calming Your Anxious Dog At The Vet Office

Ah, the dreaded vet office. Potentially worse than taking a kid to the doctor or dentist, the veterinarian can bring about A LOT of anxiety for your pet that can start from the moment you get in the car. Here are some tips to make both you and your dog’s life much easier.

1. Start with the car

Some dogs only go in the car to go to the vet’s office, so Spot will suspect something is up as soon as you tell him to “jump in.” To remedy or prevent this, start taking your dog to fun places in the car – a park, a new place to walk, a lake, or the beach. You want your dog to associate the car with good stuff, not just the scary stuff. Read full post at Bark Post…


As discussed in the above post, one of the ways you can ensure that your dog remains calm during vet visits is to choose the right vet. The following post is a great example of just why it is so important to have the right vet caring for your dog.

Vet Kisses A Frightened Puppy As She Wakes Up After A Scary Procedure

Even though this adorable little puppy named Meesha was in the care of some of the most talented veterinarians in the world, there was no way she could know that calming fact. Even though she was healthy and full of life, when she realized she was surrounded by strangers, she was understandably nervous and a little bit scared. Read full post at Little Things…

Just like people, dogs also have a sense of people that genuinely care about them, so it’s best to choose a doctor with a good bedside manner that interacts well with your dog. If your dog is at ease with the vet you choose, as well as the support staff at the clinic, you can also expect him or her to be more calm during visits. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a vet for your Goldendoodle:

Choosing a Vet – 7 Vital Vet Tips to Use

Choosing a vet with 7 vital vet tips to use is essential to every dog owner, whether their dog is a cute little Chihuahua or a hard-working Alsatian.

Looking for one of the best veterinary clinics in your area that can offer your canine companion

[s] the very best care is just as important as choosing your own physician for you and your family’s care.

…The good news is there are many wonderful veterinary clinics out there that will take good care of your furry friend[s]. Additionally, we need to know the the seven things every dog owner should look for when choosing a vet. Read full post at Way Cool Dogs…

Remember how fearful and uncomfortable you were as a child when it came to visiting the doctor? Your Goldendoodle is no different, so remember to be extra patient and understanding when visiting the vet. This will reassure your dog that he or she is not in a bad place. Despite the expected anxiety, with the right approach, visits to the vet might actually become enjoyable rather than overly stressful.