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Not for Sale

We acquired this fine ram from Tongue River Farm the summer of 2008.  He's a great looking animal with a nice horn set, a great fleece and a very docile disposition.   This will be our primary sire for the 2008 breeding season.




Not for Sale


This is a registered Navajo-Churro.  You'll soon be able to see a link of the two ram lambs that he sired and the ewe we bred him to.  A proven sire with excellent fleece and a very nice, broad horn set.






A 1 year old Icelandic, we bought him as a ram lamb.  We had some doubts about his ability to perform with our growing flock in our inaugaral year. But we achieved 100% breeding among our ewes with some nice lambs.

Very nice fleece.

Although not a broad horn set the spacing clears the face and are symetrical.


Mr. No-Name



Our kids are usually pretty good about naming our sheep but they haven't named this guy yet.  He's a very nicely proportioned ram with a symetrical, black horn set.  He was born April, 2008.  He was sired by Rocky.  His mother is Clover.





Not For Sale

This was our sire for our Icelandics born in 2008.  He had a very strong black gene with the majority of our lambs being all or mostly black.   This is a very well mannered animal.