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Our Favorite Web Sites

In addition to the attached link for the North American Icelandic Breeders Association which is the governing body for Icelandic Sheep, we've also included links to a few other family owned business that provide quality products and share our commitment to healthy living.

Wills Family Orchard is located SW of Adel, IA.  The Wills have been friends of ours going back to 1990 when we first moved to IA.  Like us they have a large family.  They run an organic apple orchard that is open to the public.  Their orchard sits near Panther Creek and offers a great view for a relaxing trip for the whole family.  They offer several varieties of apples but our favorite is Liberty.  In the fall they offer hay rides and a pick your own pumpkin patch. 

Prairie Home Fi ber processes most of our fleeces into rovings and batts. Abi's philosophy is that every fleece has it's own nature and character. Her expertise is in drawing the best out of each fleece and offer those possibilities to you. As Abi's web site says, " Supporting local shepherds is important to me. When you buy local fleece you help to support family farms.  You also encourage the preservation of rare breeds...the source of genetic diversity. By providing markets for high quality fleece, I feel that I am encouraging more humane treatment and better stewardship of the land: a healthy happy sheep on good pasture will always produce a better fleece. Shepherds are often amazed at what their fleece can become in the hands of a creative fiber person."  We wholeheartedly support this philosphy of living.