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Icelandic Lamb

Cuts, halves and wholes.

Halves  $5.50/lb.

Wholes $5.00/lb.

Cuts - Currently none available.

We've spent the last two seasons building our flock. We were fortunant in 2008 to have a nice crop of ewe lambs, most of which we'll be retaining as breeding stock for next year.  Since we had several nice ewes and only a few ram lambs, we have a limited supply of lamb to offer this yearr.   At this point we have three lambs remaining for sale.

We've also been navigating the circuitious bureaucratic maze of the Iowa Department of Agriculture in getting a label approved that will allow us to get a meat license.  That, in turn, will allow us to sell individual cuts of lamb to our customers.  Until we get our meat licence, we're not allowed to sell individual cuts.  We can, however, sell our lambs as halves or wholes for pickup at our locker.  We're using Kirkpatrick Locker located in Winterset, IA. 

Our lambs range in size from 70-120 pounds live weight.  Dressed weight comes in around 45-50% of live weight.  That means that your carcass weight would come in between 30-60 pounds.  We charge by the pound for carcass weight with processing to be paid by the buyer when it's picked up at the locker.  Processing charges run from $35-40 for a whole lamb.  Special cuts such as crown roasts, patties, etc., may incur an additional charge. 

We'll notify you when your lamb will be delivered to the locker.  At that time yoiu'll need to contact the locker to advise them of how you want your lamb prepared.  There are a variety of options available which we, or the locker can help you sort through. 

If you're interested in purchasing some lamb, please give us a call at 515-306-2463 or email us at Hedgeapple farm