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Calendar of Upcoming Events

Heck, we're not that organized yet that we actually have anything planned.  We've had several people express an interest just in watching sheep be sheared.  Others have also expressed interest in our raw fleeces right off the sheep.  If you're a spinning purist, what better way to buy wool than right off the sheep. 

Late March

Shearing Day at Hedgeapple Farm.  Stay tuned for details.  We'll let you know as soon as we know.  If you'd like a heads up by email just drop us a note.  Go to "Contact Us" for our email address.

May - June

Lambing should be in full swing.  We'll post pictures of the new additions as soon as they start showing up.

Late September

Shearing Day - Part Deux - Icelandics get sheared twice a year.  Hopefully the March Shearing Day was a huge success that we can build on for the fall shearing day.